Darlene V.

High School: Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex (JSEC)
Graduation Year: 2016

Say What ?!

In today's session we were talking about healthy or unhealthy relationship. We discussed some ways how being in a relationship is healthy or not. A topic that we talked about was if your partner tells you that you have to called him/her every hour to check up ,is it healthy or unhealthy? 


Lisa Hoopis

Healthy relationships


Great conversation Tuesday about healthy relationships.  What would you do if someone close to you was in an unhealthy relationship?  Would you say something and get involved?

Kendra St. Hilaire

Tuesday's session


I loved Tuesday's session about healthy and unhealthy relationships. I especially enjoyed being a part of your discussion about situations  that can be healthy, unhealthy, and even those circumstances that fit into the "unsure" category. I am looking forward to reading your blogs. I wonder if any of you thought up a situation or example that we didn't talk about?