Ruth P.

High School: Alvarez
Graduation Year: 2014



1) What is the lyrical content of the song?  What do the lyrics say and/or do they tell a story?

2) What is the mood of the song?  Does it make you happy, sad, want to dance, or anything?  

3) Introduce the artist or artists on the song and tell us about them.  

4) Does the song contain samples?  Go to and look up the song.  If there is at least one sample, say what it is and post the song below.  

5) How is this song relevant to you?  How do your experiences relate to the song's story, lyrics and mood?  

1)Adele is talking about how she is going to find someone like her ex-boyfriend and she doesn't hate him, she loves him and she kind of wants him back but he moved on.

2)Gloomy,it makes you very sad because it makes you realize that the person you loved has moved on.

3)Adele was born on May 5, 1988, she is an English singer, songwriter, musician, andmulti-instrumentalistAdele was offered a recording contract from XL Recordings after a friend posted her demo on Myspace in 2006. 


5)YES, I was once in that situation that Adele was in but obviously the other person was not married.


Brianna Leech

What is the title of the song!?


Hi Ruth,

I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say the song is "Someone Like You"? I really don't know because I didn't see you post a title of your favorite song right now!

Brianna Leech

I can now see the title


Hi Ruth, when I first commented I couldn't see the title because my school computer blocked it. I will be commenting from home from now on : ) I love that she wrote that song on her acoustic guitar (most people don't know that) but "Someone Like You" does transcribe nicely to the classical guitar : )

Jackson Morley

Great response.


Ruth, your response to this is great.  Now, if you were playing a DJ set and you played this, what do you think the audience would do?  What would you play after it?

Ruth P.

They wouldn't dance because


They wouldn't dance because it's not a dancing song. I would probably play a fast beat song after it.