cintia r.

High School: Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex (JSEC)
Graduation Year: 2014

My life

My name is Cintia Rodriguez I am in 12 grade. I go to Juanita Sanchez Complex Education. My favorite subject is english because I like to learn new languages.  I wanted to take this class at Inspiring Minds to learn english.


Kristin Elliott



Cintia! I am so happy you are doing this ELO. I hope you are well!

Susan Garland

I am your art teacher and your teacher of record


Hi Cintia,

It is so nice that you are in my art class and that I am the teacher of record for you ELO.  I get to watch you grow in multiple ways!  If you are ever looking for ideas for your blog writing, you could write about what we do in art class. This would give you practice using words that we use in art class.

Keep working hard!

Ms. Garland