Expanded Learning Opportunity Programs

ACE Mentor

with ACE Mentor
Session: Spring 2014

The ACE Mentor Program of Rhode Island mentors to local high school students who are interested in learning more about Architecture, Construction & Engineering. Students meet sixteen times between October and March and work closely with local A/C/E professionals on a variety of exercises including college field trips, construction site visits, introductory exercises such as tower building and an extensive residential design exercise in the spring while working within and learning the importance of teamwork in design and construction.

Alvarez Debate Team

with Rhode Island Urban Debate League
Session: Spring 2014

The Rhode Island Urban Debate League (RIUDL) empowers students to expand their minds and project their voices through debate. ELO participants will learn the art of winning an argument with hard facts and eloquent prose.

Alvarez Hip Hop Project

with Project 401
Session: Spring 2014

Learn the history of Hip Hop culture, its elements, and its principles with Project 401! Learn some Break dance moves, and be a part of a cultural movement that promotes peace, love, unity, and respect, while engaging with your community!

Alvarez Principal's Leadership Group

with Young Voices
Session: Spring 2014

Young Voices transforms urban youth into powerful advocates who work with adult leaders to make a difference on behalf of their peers. In the Principal’s Leadership Program (PLP) and through our Leadership Transformation Academy (LTA), students will receive intensive training to develop strong leadership skills in critical thinking, presentation and public speaking, communication, and professionalism.

Alvarez Rhode Island Rebellion Juniors Rugby League Program

with American Youth Rugby League Association
Session: Spring 2014

Your school will be competing in the inaugural Providence High School Competition taking on other schools in a 10 week competition. Want to be a better athlete or football player come tryout for rugby league. Visit Facebook.com/YouthRugbyLeague, Rebellion-Rugby.com. Also YouTube Rugby League World Cup to check out some awesome games. Joining the Rugby League Team does not preclude you from any other spring sports.

Alvarez Young Women's Lives

with Women's Center of RI
Session: Spring 2014

Young Women's Lives is a curriculum designed for 14-19 year olds. Participants go through a multi-week curriculum based on: healthy relationships, dating violence, anger management, healthy communication, defining/redefining gender roles, civic engagement, and the struggles and conflict youth experience daily.

Art + Design Lab

with RISD
Session: Spring 2014

The Art + Design Lab at the RISD Museum is a program led by working Artist-Educators and designed for youth seeking to develop the creative skills of art making, collaboration and presentation through an engagement with original works of art and studio practice.


with Brown University Engineers Without Borders
Session: Spring 2014

The Build-A-Bike ELO program teaches students to put together a bicycle and perform practical maintenance procedures such as how to change a flat tire and adjust brakes. These are skills that students can apply to their bikes at home. Additionally, they will be able to put their creativity to use by conceptualizing and implementing a key modification or accessory to the bike.

Critical Thinking, Writing and Media Literacy

with College Crusade of Rhode Island
Session: Spring 2014

Students will improve their writing skills while developing a multimedia marketing and advertising campaign. As part of the program, students will analyze a broad spectrum of media messages to identify a target audience, ad placement strategies, the text and subtext of the spot, and how advertisers make their product appealing. Students will learn about the various elements of effective writing, including voice, ideas and content, sentence fluency, word choice, organization and conventions, and have multiple opportunities to develop their skills.

DJ Workshop

with The Avenue DJ Workshop
Session: Spring 2014

This DJ course provides hands-on training and access to DJ equipment. The course focuses on building an understanding of how to create narrative mixes that build on musical song structure, lyrics, samples and history. Students will play for diverse audiences and learn how to record and critique their live sets.