Kevin G.

High School: Alvarez
Graduation Year: 2014
About Me:

I love too sing and I'm a good MC

dj klassico's song


1) What is the lyrical content of the song?  What do the lyrics say and/or do they tell a story? i have to songs thay are ok not my favorite but its there one is funny one is just a song 

2) What is the mood of the song?  Does it make you happy, sad, want to dance, or anything?  its funny and sad loveable it makes me laugh 

3) Introduce the artist or artists on the song and tell us about them.  weird al yonkavik chris brown and some other guy.


Brianna Leech

What is the name of your favorite song right now?


Hi Kevin,

I still can't see what your favorite song (right now) is? Did you explain what the lyrical content of the song is? Did you answer the question as to wether the song tells a story? You didn't really introduce the artists of the song. Weird Al Yankovic, Chris Brown, and "some other guy" is vague. Who is the other guy? Can you tell me anything about the artists? I thought Chris Brown was one of your favorite artists? You should be able to tell me something about him.

Brianna Leech

Weird Al vs. R. Kelly


Obviously this Weird Al song is a spin off of "Trapped in a Closet." Since you are a huge MJ fan, another Weird Al song you may appreciate is "Eat it" (spin off of "Beat it")