“My ELO inspired me to think about this experience as a career and what I can do for work in the future.”
— Adonis, JSEC Graduate
“Now I want to be a teacher. The anti-bullying project helped me to get ideas on how to help others learn.”
— Yamah, JSEC Student
“My name is Ixadalys and I'm a student at Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex. When I first became part of the web development class at the Hub I was scared to show interest in everything that we did but as days passed it gave me a sense of where I want to be in the future knowing how confident I had become. The ELO (Expanding Learning Opportunity) website that Nicholas  and I helped build showed our interest in youth life today. Making the ELO was somewhat like going to school. We learned things and then put our knowledge to the test and had a teacher to help us when we made mistakes but it was different in a way. First of all it counted as credit toward school and it was fun because it was something I had become interested in. I would recommend students to become part of making an ELO because it was a life long experience that I know I will always remember.”
— Ixadalys
“I'm ready to learn new things, ready to learn how to create my own Android App, and ready to increase my understanding and expectations about business and more.”
— Carolina, JSEC Student
“I learned how to build a webpage using HTML and CSS. I think ELO's are great to have because they provide you with information and learning experiences that you otherwise wouldn't get in regular school.”
— Nick